ALICE – discord bot that will help you with your Discord server!


Alice is a multipurpose discord bot, check out what it can do!

Multi-language support

Switch between them on the fly, currently available: English, Polish.


Change a prefix, language, or disable certain feature on a specific server.

Music Player

Play music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Vimeo, twitch streams and even http urls.

Voice Recorder (temporarily disabled)

Record up to 5 minutes of conversation.

Game time tracking

Tracks how much time your discord server members spend playing games.

Games statistics

Check your last matches in your favourite games.


Count messages sent by users and award them with levels.


Log various activities of your server's users to a specified text channel.

NSFW images and gifs

Get randomized art from around the web.


The entire command list with usage info can be found here